Want to help Certbot?

There are lots of ways to contribute to Certbot.

For many of them, you’ll want to come chat with us on the Certbot channel in EFF’s Mattermost instance for its open source projects as described below.

You can get involved with several of EFF's software projects such as Certbot at the EFF Open Source Contributor Chat Platform.

Note: By signing up for the EFF Open Source Contributor Chat Platform, you consent to share your personal information with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is the operator and data controller for this platform. The channels will be available both to EFF, and to other users of EFFOSCCP, who may use or disclose information in these channels outside of EFFOSCCP. EFF will use your information, according to the Privacy Policy, to further the mission of EFF, including hosting and moderating the discussions on this platform.

Use of EFFOSCCP is subject to the EFF Code of Conduct. When investigating an alleged Code of Conduct violation, EFF may review discussion channels or direct messages.

Below are the main ways ways we’d appreciate help.

Want to learn more about what makes Certbot tick?