Subscribes users to the EFF newsletter.


High level function to take care of EFF newsletter subscriptions.

The user may be asked if they want to sign up for the newsletter if they have not already specified.

Parameters:config (IConfig) – Client configuration.

Does the user want to be subscribed to the EFF newsletter?

Returns:True if we should subscribe the user, otherwise, False
Return type:bool

Subscribe the user to the EFF mailing list.

Parameters:email (str) – the e-mail address to subscribe

Check for errors in the server’s response.

If an error occurred, it will be reported to the user.

Parameters:response (requests.Response) – the server’s response to the subscription request

Notify the user of failing to sign them up for the newsletter.

Parameters:reason (str or None) – a phrase describing what the problem was beginning with a lowercase letter and no closing punctuation