Certbot constants.

certbot.constants.SETUPTOOLS_PLUGINS_ENTRY_POINT = 'certbot.plugins'

Setuptools entry point group name for plugins.

certbot.constants.OLD_SETUPTOOLS_PLUGINS_ENTRY_POINT = 'letsencrypt.plugins'

Plugins Setuptools entry point before rename.

certbot.constants.REVOCATION_REASONS = {'affiliationchanged': 3, 'cessationofoperation': 5, 'keycompromise': 1, 'superseded': 4, 'unspecified': 0}

Defaults for CLI flags and IConfig attributes.

certbot.constants.QUIET_LOGGING_LEVEL = 30

Logging level to use in quiet mode.

certbot.constants.RENEWER_DEFAULTS = {'deploy_before_expiry': '99 years', 'renew_before_expiry': '30 days', 'renewer_enabled': 'yes'}

Defaults for renewer script.

certbot.constants.ENHANCEMENTS = ['redirect', 'ensure-http-header', 'ocsp-stapling']

List of possible certbot.interfaces.IInstaller enhancements.

List of expected options parameters: - redirect: None - ensure-http-header: name of header (i.e. Strict-Transport-Security) - ocsp-stapling: certificate chain file path

certbot.constants.ARCHIVE_DIR = 'archive'

Archive directory, relative to IConfig.config_dir.

certbot.constants.CONFIG_DIRS_MODE = 493

Directory mode for .IConfig.config_dir et al.

certbot.constants.ACCOUNTS_DIR = 'accounts'

Directory where all accounts are saved.

certbot.constants.LE_REUSE_SERVERS = {'acme-staging-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory': 'acme-staging.api.letsencrypt.org/directory', 'acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory': 'acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/directory'}

Servers that can reuse accounts from other servers.

certbot.constants.BACKUP_DIR = 'backups'

Directory (relative to IConfig.work_dir) where backups are kept.

certbot.constants.CSR_DIR = 'csr'

See IConfig.csr_dir.

certbot.constants.IN_PROGRESS_DIR = 'IN_PROGRESS'

Directory used before a permanent checkpoint is finalized (relative to IConfig.work_dir).

certbot.constants.KEY_DIR = 'keys'

Directory (relative to IConfig.config_dir) where keys are saved.

certbot.constants.LIVE_DIR = 'live'

Live directory, relative to IConfig.config_dir.

certbot.constants.TEMP_CHECKPOINT_DIR = 'temp_checkpoint'

Temporary checkpoint directory (relative to IConfig.work_dir).

certbot.constants.RENEWAL_CONFIGS_DIR = 'renewal'

Renewal configs directory, relative to IConfig.config_dir.

certbot.constants.RENEWAL_HOOKS_DIR = 'renewal-hooks'

Basename of directory containing hooks to run with the renew command.

certbot.constants.RENEWAL_PRE_HOOKS_DIR = 'pre'

Basename of directory containing pre-hooks to run with the renew command.

certbot.constants.RENEWAL_DEPLOY_HOOKS_DIR = 'deploy'

Basename of directory containing deploy-hooks to run with the renew command.

certbot.constants.RENEWAL_POST_HOOKS_DIR = 'post'

Basename of directory containing post-hooks to run with the renew command.

certbot.constants.FORCE_INTERACTIVE_FLAG = '--force-interactive'

Flag to disable TTY checking in IDisplay.

certbot.constants.EFF_SUBSCRIBE_URI = 'https://supporters.eff.org/subscribe/certbot'

EFF URI used to submit the e-mail address of users who opt-in.

certbot.constants.SSL_DHPARAMS_DEST = 'ssl-dhparams.pem'

Name of the ssl_dhparams file as saved in IConfig.config_dir.

certbot.constants.UPDATED_SSL_DHPARAMS_DIGEST = '.updated-ssl-dhparams-pem-digest.txt'

Name of the hash of the updated or informed ssl_dhparams as saved in IConfig.config_dir.

certbot.constants.ALL_SSL_DHPARAMS_HASHES = ['9ba6429597aeed2d8617a7705b56e96d044f64b07971659382e426675105654b']

SHA256 hashes of the contents of all versions of SSL_DHPARAMS_SRC

certbot.constants.SSL_DHPARAMS_SRC = '/path/to/certbot/ssl-dhparams.pem'

Path to the nginx ssl_dhparams file found in the Certbot distribution.