Creates ACME accounts for server.

class certbot.account.Account(regr, key, meta=None)[source]

Bases: object

ACME protocol registration.

  • regr (RegistrationResource) – Registration Resource
  • key (JWK) – Authorized Account Key
  • Meta – Account metadata
  • id (str) – Globally unique account identifier.
class Meta(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: josepy.json_util.JSONObjectWithFields

Account metadata

  • creation_dt (datetime.datetime) – Creation date and time (UTC).
  • creation_host (str) – FQDN of host, where account has been created.


creation_dt and creation_host are useful in cross-machine migration scenarios.


Short account identification string, useful for UI.


Informs the user about their new ACME account.

class certbot.account.AccountMemoryStorage(initial_accounts=None)[source]

Bases: certbot.interfaces.AccountStorage

In-memory account storage.

class certbot.account.RegistrationResourceWithNewAuthzrURI(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: acme.messages.RegistrationResource

A backwards-compatible RegistrationResource with a new-authz URI.

Hack: Certbot versions pre-0.11.1 expect to load new_authzr_uri as part of the account. Because people sometimes switch between old and new versions, we will continue to write out this field for some time so older clients don’t crash in that scenario.

class certbot.account.AccountFileStorage(config)[source]

Bases: certbot.interfaces.AccountStorage

Accounts file storage.

Variables:config (IConfig) – Client configuration
save_regr(account, acme)[source]

Save the registration resource.

Parameters:account (Account) – account whose regr should be saved

Delete registration info from disk

Parameters:account_id – id of account which should be deleted

Delete symlinks and return the nonsymlinked directory path.

  • server_path (str) – file path based on server
  • link_func (callable) – callable that returns possible links given a server_path

the final, non-symlinked target

Return type: