Source code for certbot.main

"""Certbot main entry point."""
from __future__ import print_function
import functools
import logging.handlers
import os
import sys

import configobj
import zope.component

from acme import jose
from acme import errors as acme_errors

import certbot

from certbot import account
from certbot import cert_manager
from certbot import cli
from certbot import client
from certbot import configuration
from certbot import constants
from certbot import crypto_util
from certbot import eff
from certbot import errors
from certbot import hooks
from certbot import interfaces
from certbot import log
from certbot import renewal
from certbot import reporter
from certbot import storage
from certbot import util

from certbot.display import util as display_util, ops as display_ops
from certbot.plugins import disco as plugins_disco
from certbot.plugins import selection as plug_sel

USER_CANCELLED = ("User chose to cancel the operation and may "
                  "reinvoke the client.")

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def _suggest_donation_if_appropriate(config): """Potentially suggest a donation to support Certbot.""" assert config.verb != "renew" if config.staging: # --dry-run implies --staging return reporter_util = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IReporter) msg = ("If you like Certbot, please consider supporting our work by:\n\n" "Donating to ISRG / Let's Encrypt:\n" "Donating to EFF:\n\n") reporter_util.add_message(msg, reporter_util.LOW_PRIORITY)
def _report_successful_dry_run(config): reporter_util = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IReporter) assert config.verb != "renew" reporter_util.add_message("The dry run was successful.", reporter_util.HIGH_PRIORITY, on_crash=False)
[docs]def _get_and_save_cert(le_client, config, domains=None, certname=None, lineage=None): """Authenticate and enroll certificate. This method finds the relevant lineage, figures out what to do with it, then performs that action. Includes calls to hooks, various reports, checks, and requests for user input. :returns: the issued certificate or `None` if doing a dry run :rtype: `storage.RenewableCert` or `None` """ hooks.pre_hook(config) try: if lineage is not None: # Renewal, where we already know the specific lineage we're # interested in"Renewing an existing certificate") renewal.renew_cert(config, domains, le_client, lineage) else: # TREAT AS NEW REQUEST assert domains is not None"Obtaining a new certificate") lineage = le_client.obtain_and_enroll_certificate(domains, certname) if lineage is False: raise errors.Error("Certificate could not be obtained") elif lineage is not None: hooks.deploy_hook(config, lineage.names(), lineage.live_dir) finally: hooks.post_hook(config) return lineage
[docs]def _handle_subset_cert_request(config, domains, cert): """Figure out what to do if a previous cert had a subset of the names now requested :param storage.RenewableCert cert: :returns: Tuple of (str action, cert_or_None) as per _find_lineage_for_domains_and_certname action can be: "newcert" | "renew" | "reinstall" :rtype: tuple """ existing = ", ".join(cert.names()) question = ( "You have an existing certificate that contains a portion of " "the domains you requested (ref: {0}){br}{br}It contains these " "names: {1}{br}{br}You requested these names for the new " "certificate: {2}.{br}{br}Do you want to expand and replace this existing " "certificate with the new certificate?" ).format(cert.configfile.filename, existing, ", ".join(domains), br=os.linesep) if config.expand or config.renew_by_default or zope.component.getUtility( interfaces.IDisplay).yesno(question, "Expand", "Cancel", cli_flag="--expand", force_interactive=True): return "renew", cert else: reporter_util = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IReporter) reporter_util.add_message( "To obtain a new certificate that contains these names without " "replacing your existing certificate for {0}, you must use the " "--duplicate option.{br}{br}" "For example:{br}{br}{1} --duplicate {2}".format( existing, sys.argv[0], " ".join(sys.argv[1:]), br=os.linesep ), reporter_util.HIGH_PRIORITY) raise errors.Error(USER_CANCELLED)
[docs]def _handle_identical_cert_request(config, lineage): """Figure out what to do if a lineage has the same names as a previously obtained one :param storage.RenewableCert lineage: :returns: Tuple of (str action, cert_or_None) as per _find_lineage_for_domains_and_certname action can be: "newcert" | "renew" | "reinstall" :rtype: tuple """ if not lineage.ensure_deployed(): return "reinstall", lineage if renewal.should_renew(config, lineage): return "renew", lineage if config.reinstall: # Set with --reinstall, force an identical certificate to be # reinstalled without further prompting. return "reinstall", lineage question = ( "You have an existing certificate that has exactly the same " "domains or certificate name you requested and isn't close to expiry." "{br}(ref: {0}){br}{br}What would you like to do?" ).format(lineage.configfile.filename, br=os.linesep) if config.verb == "run": keep_opt = "Attempt to reinstall this existing certificate" elif config.verb == "certonly": keep_opt = "Keep the existing certificate for now" choices = [keep_opt, "Renew & replace the cert (limit ~5 per 7 days)"] display = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IDisplay) response =, choices, default=0, force_interactive=True) if response[0] == display_util.CANCEL: # TODO: Add notification related to command-line options for # skipping the menu for this case. raise errors.Error( "Operation canceled. You may re-run the client.") elif response[1] == 0: return "reinstall", lineage elif response[1] == 1: return "renew", lineage else: assert False, "This is impossible"
[docs]def _find_lineage_for_domains(config, domains): """Determine whether there are duplicated names and how to handle them (renew, reinstall, newcert, or raising an error to stop the client run if the user chooses to cancel the operation when prompted). :returns: Two-element tuple containing desired new-certificate behavior as a string token ("reinstall", "renew", or "newcert"), plus either a RenewableCert instance or None if renewal shouldn't occur. :raises .Error: If the user would like to rerun the client again. """ # Considering the possibility that the requested certificate is # related to an existing certificate. (config.duplicate, which # is set with --duplicate, skips all of this logic and forces any # kind of certificate to be obtained with renewal = False.) if config.duplicate: return "newcert", None # TODO: Also address superset case ident_names_cert, subset_names_cert = cert_manager.find_duplicative_certs(config, domains) # XXX ^ schoen is not sure whether that correctly reads the systemwide # configuration file. if ident_names_cert is None and subset_names_cert is None: return "newcert", None if ident_names_cert is not None: return _handle_identical_cert_request(config, ident_names_cert) elif subset_names_cert is not None: return _handle_subset_cert_request(config, domains, subset_names_cert)
[docs]def _find_cert(config, domains, certname): """Finds an existing certificate object given domains and/or a certificate name. :returns: Two-element tuple of a boolean that indicates if this function should be followed by a call to fetch a certificate from the server, and either a RenewableCert instance or None. """ action, lineage = _find_lineage_for_domains_and_certname(config, domains, certname) if action == "reinstall":"Keeping the existing certificate") return (action != "reinstall"), lineage
[docs]def _find_lineage_for_domains_and_certname(config, domains, certname): """Find appropriate lineage based on given domains and/or certname. :returns: Two-element tuple containing desired new-certificate behavior as a string token ("reinstall", "renew", or "newcert"), plus either a RenewableCert instance or None if renewal shouldn't occur. :raises .Error: If the user would like to rerun the client again. """ if not certname: return _find_lineage_for_domains(config, domains) else: lineage = cert_manager.lineage_for_certname(config, certname) if lineage: if domains: if set(cert_manager.domains_for_certname(config, certname)) != set(domains): _ask_user_to_confirm_new_names(config, domains, certname, lineage.names()) # raises if no return "renew", lineage # unnecessarily specified domains or no domains specified return _handle_identical_cert_request(config, lineage) else: if domains: return "newcert", None else: raise errors.ConfigurationError("No certificate with name {0} found. " "Use -d to specify domains, or run certbot --certificates to see " "possible certificate names.".format(certname))
[docs]def _ask_user_to_confirm_new_names(config, new_domains, certname, old_domains): """Ask user to confirm update cert certname to contain new_domains. """ if config.renew_with_new_domains: return msg = ("You are updating certificate {0} to include domains: {1}{br}{br}" "It previously included domains: {2}{br}{br}" "Did you intend to make this change?".format( certname, ", ".join(new_domains), ", ".join(old_domains), br=os.linesep)) obj = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IDisplay) if not obj.yesno(msg, "Update cert", "Cancel", default=True): raise errors.ConfigurationError("Specified mismatched cert name and domains.")
[docs]def _find_domains_or_certname(config, installer): """Retrieve domains and certname from config or user input. """ domains = None certname = config.certname # first, try to get domains from the config if domains = # if we can't do that but we have a certname, get the domains # with that certname elif certname: domains = cert_manager.domains_for_certname(config, certname) # that certname might not have existed, or there was a problem. # try to get domains from the user. if not domains: domains = display_ops.choose_names(installer) if not domains and not certname: raise errors.Error("Please specify --domains, or --installer that " "will help in domain names autodiscovery, or " "--cert-name for an existing certificate name.") return domains, certname
[docs]def _report_new_cert(config, cert_path, fullchain_path, key_path=None): """Reports the creation of a new certificate to the user. :param str cert_path: path to cert :param str fullchain_path: path to full chain :param str key_path: path to private key, if available """ if config.dry_run: _report_successful_dry_run(config) return assert cert_path and fullchain_path, "No certificates saved to report." expiry = crypto_util.notAfter(cert_path).date() reporter_util = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IReporter) # Print the path to fullchain.pem because that's what modern webservers # (Nginx and Apache2.4) will want. verbswitch = ' with the "certonly" option' if config.verb == "run" else "" privkey_statement = 'Your key file has been saved at:{br}{0}{br}'.format( key_path, br=os.linesep) if key_path else "" # XXX Perhaps one day we could detect the presence of known old webservers # and say something more informative here. msg = ('Congratulations! Your certificate and chain have been saved at:{br}' '{0}{br}{1}' 'Your cert will expire on {2}. To obtain a new or tweaked version of this ' 'certificate in the future, simply run {3} again{4}. ' 'To non-interactively renew *all* of your certificates, run "{3} renew"' .format(fullchain_path, privkey_statement, expiry, cli.cli_command, verbswitch, br=os.linesep)) reporter_util.add_message(msg, reporter_util.MEDIUM_PRIORITY)
[docs]def _determine_account(config): """Determine which account to use. In order to make the renewer (configuration de/serialization) happy, if ``config.account`` is ``None``, it will be updated based on the user input. Same for ````. :param argparse.Namespace config: CLI arguments :param certbot.interface.IConfig config: Configuration object :param .AccountStorage account_storage: Account storage. :returns: Account and optionally ACME client API (biproduct of new registration). :rtype: `tuple` of `certbot.account.Account` and `acme.client.Client` """ account_storage = account.AccountFileStorage(config) acme = None if config.account is not None: acc = account_storage.load(config.account) else: accounts = account_storage.find_all() if len(accounts) > 1: acc = display_ops.choose_account(accounts) elif len(accounts) == 1: acc = accounts[0] else: # no account registered yet if is None and not config.register_unsafely_without_email: = display_ops.get_email() def _tos_cb(regr): if config.tos: return True msg = ("Please read the Terms of Service at {0}. You " "must agree in order to register with the ACME " "server at {1}".format( regr.terms_of_service, config.server)) obj = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IDisplay) return obj.yesno(msg, "Agree", "Cancel", cli_flag="--agree-tos", force_interactive=True) try: acc, acme = client.register( config, account_storage, tos_cb=_tos_cb) except errors.MissingCommandlineFlag: raise except errors.Error as error: logger.debug(error, exc_info=True) raise errors.Error( "Unable to register an account with ACME server") config.account = return acc, acme
[docs]def _delete_if_appropriate(config): # pylint: disable=too-many-locals,too-many-branches """Does the user want to delete their now-revoked certs? If run in non-interactive mode, deleting happens automatically, unless if both `--cert-name` and `--cert-path` were specified with conflicting values. :param `configuration.NamespaceConfig` config: parsed command line arguments :raises `error.Errors`: If anything goes wrong, including bad user input, if an overlapping archive dir is found for the specified lineage, etc ... """ display = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IDisplay) reporter_util = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IReporter) msg = ("Would you like to delete the cert(s) you just revoked?") attempt_deletion = display.yesno(msg, yes_label="Yes (recommended)", no_label="No", force_interactive=True, default=True) if not attempt_deletion: reporter_util.add_message("Not deleting revoked certs.", reporter_util.LOW_PRIORITY) return if not (config.certname or config.cert_path): raise errors.Error('At least one of --cert-path or --cert-name must be specified.') if config.certname and config.cert_path: # first, check if certname and cert_path imply the same certs implied_cert_name = cert_manager.cert_path_to_lineage(config) if implied_cert_name != config.certname: cert_path_implied_cert_name = cert_manager.cert_path_to_lineage(config) cert_path_implied_conf = storage.renewal_file_for_certname(config, cert_path_implied_cert_name) cert_path_cert = storage.RenewableCert(cert_path_implied_conf, config) cert_path_info = cert_manager.human_readable_cert_info(config, cert_path_cert, skip_filter_checks=True) cert_name_implied_conf = storage.renewal_file_for_certname(config, config.certname) cert_name_cert = storage.RenewableCert(cert_name_implied_conf, config) cert_name_info = cert_manager.human_readable_cert_info(config, cert_name_cert) msg = ("You specified conflicting values for --cert-path and --cert-name. " "Which did you mean to select?") choices = [cert_path_info, cert_name_info] try: code, index =, choices, ok_label="Select", force_interactive=True) except errors.MissingCommandlineFlag: error_msg = ('To run in non-interactive mode, you must either specify only one of ' '--cert-path or --cert-name, or both must point to the same certificate lineages.') raise errors.Error(error_msg) if code != display_util.OK or not index in range(0, len(choices)): raise errors.Error("User ended interaction.") if index == 0: config.certname = cert_path_implied_cert_name else: config.cert_path = storage.cert_path_for_cert_name(config, config.certname) elif config.cert_path: config.certname = cert_manager.cert_path_to_lineage(config) else: # if only config.certname was specified config.cert_path = storage.cert_path_for_cert_name(config, config.certname) # don't delete if the archive_dir is used by some other lineage archive_dir = storage.full_archive_path( configobj.ConfigObj(storage.renewal_file_for_certname(config, config.certname)), config, config.certname) try: cert_manager.match_and_check_overlaps(config, [lambda x: archive_dir], lambda x: x.archive_dir, lambda x: x) except errors.OverlappingMatchFound: msg = ('Not deleting revoked certs due to overlapping archive dirs. More than ' 'one lineage is using {0}'.format(archive_dir)) reporter_util.add_message(''.join(msg), reporter_util.MEDIUM_PRIORITY) return except Exception as e: msg = ('config.default_archive_dir: {0}, config.live_dir: {1}, archive_dir: {2},' 'original exception: {3}') msg = msg.format(config.default_archive_dir, config.live_dir, archive_dir, e) raise errors.Error(msg) cert_manager.delete(config)
def _init_le_client(config, authenticator, installer): if authenticator is not None: # if authenticator was given, then we will need account... acc, acme = _determine_account(config) logger.debug("Picked account: %r", acc) # XXX #crypto_util.validate_key_csr(acc.key) else: acc, acme = None, None return client.Client(config, acc, authenticator, installer, acme=acme)
[docs]def unregister(config, unused_plugins): """Deactivate account on server""" account_storage = account.AccountFileStorage(config) accounts = account_storage.find_all() reporter_util = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IReporter) if not accounts: return "Could not find existing account to deactivate." yesno = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IDisplay).yesno prompt = ("Are you sure you would like to irrevocably deactivate " "your account?") wants_deactivate = yesno(prompt, yes_label='Deactivate', no_label='Abort', default=True) if not wants_deactivate: return "Deactivation aborted." acc, acme = _determine_account(config) cb_client = client.Client(config, acc, None, None, acme=acme) # delete on boulder cb_client.acme.deactivate_registration(acc.regr) account_files = account.AccountFileStorage(config) # delete local account files account_files.delete(config.account) reporter_util.add_message("Account deactivated.", reporter_util.MEDIUM_PRIORITY)
[docs]def register(config, unused_plugins): """Create or modify accounts on the server.""" # Portion of _determine_account logic to see whether accounts already # exist or not. account_storage = account.AccountFileStorage(config) accounts = account_storage.find_all() reporter_util = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IReporter) add_msg = lambda m: reporter_util.add_message(m, reporter_util.MEDIUM_PRIORITY) # registering a new account if not config.update_registration: if len(accounts) > 0: # TODO: add a flag to register a duplicate account (this will # also require extending _determine_account's behavior # or else extracting the registration code from there) return ("There is an existing account; registration of a " "duplicate account with this command is currently " "unsupported.") # _determine_account will register an account _determine_account(config) return # --update-registration if len(accounts) == 0: return "Could not find an existing account to update." if is None: if config.register_unsafely_without_email: return ("--register-unsafely-without-email provided, however, a " "new e-mail address must\ncurrently be provided when " "updating a registration.") = display_ops.get_email(optional=False) acc, acme = _determine_account(config) cb_client = client.Client(config, acc, None, None, acme=acme) # We rely on an exception to interrupt this process if it didn't work. acc.regr = cb_client.acme.update_registration(acc.regr.update( body=acc.regr.body.update(contact=('mailto:' +,)))) account_storage.save_regr(acc, cb_client.acme) eff.handle_subscription(config) add_msg("Your e-mail address was updated to {0}.".format(
def _install_cert(config, le_client, domains, lineage=None): path_provider = lineage if lineage else config assert path_provider.cert_path is not None le_client.deploy_certificate(domains, path_provider.key_path, path_provider.cert_path, path_provider.chain_path, path_provider.fullchain_path) le_client.enhance_config(domains, path_provider.chain_path)
[docs]def install(config, plugins): """Install a previously obtained cert in a server.""" # XXX: Update for renewer/RenewableCert # FIXME: be consistent about whether errors are raised or returned from # this function ... try: installer, _ = plug_sel.choose_configurator_plugins(config, plugins, "install") except errors.PluginSelectionError as e: return str(e) domains, _ = _find_domains_or_certname(config, installer) le_client = _init_le_client(config, authenticator=None, installer=installer) _install_cert(config, le_client, domains)
[docs]def plugins_cmd(config, plugins): """List server software plugins.""" logger.debug("Expected interfaces: %s", config.ifaces) ifaces = [] if config.ifaces is None else config.ifaces filtered = plugins.visible().ifaces(ifaces) logger.debug("Filtered plugins: %r", filtered) notify = functools.partial(zope.component.getUtility( interfaces.IDisplay).notification, pause=False) if not config.init and not config.prepare: notify(str(filtered)) return filtered.init(config) verified = filtered.verify(ifaces) logger.debug("Verified plugins: %r", verified) if not config.prepare: notify(str(verified)) return verified.prepare() available = verified.available() logger.debug("Prepared plugins: %s", available) notify(str(available))
[docs]def rollback(config, plugins): """Rollback server configuration changes made during install.""" client.rollback(config.installer, config.checkpoints, config, plugins)
[docs]def config_changes(config, unused_plugins): """Show changes made to server config during installation View checkpoints and associated configuration changes. """ client.view_config_changes(config, num=config.num)
[docs]def rename(config, unused_plugins): """Rename a certificate Use the information in the config file to rename an existing lineage. """ cert_manager.rename_lineage(config)
[docs]def delete(config, unused_plugins): """Delete a certificate Use the information in the config file to delete an existing lineage. """ cert_manager.delete(config)
[docs]def certificates(config, unused_plugins): """Display information about certs configured with Certbot """ cert_manager.certificates(config)
[docs]def revoke(config, unused_plugins): # TODO: coop with renewal config """Revoke a previously obtained certificate.""" # For user-agent construction config.installer = config.authenticator = "None" if config.key_path is not None: # revocation by cert key logger.debug("Revoking %s using cert key %s", config.cert_path[0], config.key_path[0]) crypto_util.verify_cert_matches_priv_key(config.cert_path[0], config.key_path[0]) key = jose.JWK.load(config.key_path[1]) else: # revocation by account key logger.debug("Revoking %s using Account Key", config.cert_path[0]) acc, _ = _determine_account(config) key = acc.key acme = client.acme_from_config_key(config, key) cert = crypto_util.pyopenssl_load_certificate(config.cert_path[1])[0] logger.debug("Reason code for revocation: %s", config.reason) try: acme.revoke(jose.ComparableX509(cert), config.reason) _delete_if_appropriate(config) except acme_errors.ClientError as e: return str(e) display_ops.success_revocation(config.cert_path[0])
[docs]def run(config, plugins): # pylint: disable=too-many-branches,too-many-locals """Obtain a certificate and install.""" # TODO: Make run as close to auth + install as possible # Possible difficulties: config.csr was hacked into auth try: installer, authenticator = plug_sel.choose_configurator_plugins(config, plugins, "run") except errors.PluginSelectionError as e: return str(e) # TODO: Handle errors from _init_le_client? le_client = _init_le_client(config, authenticator, installer) domains, certname = _find_domains_or_certname(config, installer) should_get_cert, lineage = _find_cert(config, domains, certname) new_lineage = lineage if should_get_cert: new_lineage = _get_and_save_cert(le_client, config, domains, certname, lineage) cert_path = new_lineage.cert_path if new_lineage else None fullchain_path = new_lineage.fullchain_path if new_lineage else None key_path = new_lineage.key_path if new_lineage else None _report_new_cert(config, cert_path, fullchain_path, key_path) _install_cert(config, le_client, domains, new_lineage) if lineage is None or not should_get_cert: display_ops.success_installation(domains) else: display_ops.success_renewal(domains) _suggest_donation_if_appropriate(config)
[docs]def _csr_get_and_save_cert(config, le_client): """Obtain a cert using a user-supplied CSR This works differently in the CSR case (for now) because we don't have the privkey, and therefore can't construct the files for a lineage. So we just save the cert & chain to disk :/ """ csr, _ = config.actual_csr certr, chain = le_client.obtain_certificate_from_csr(, csr) if config.dry_run: logger.debug( "Dry run: skipping saving certificate to %s", config.cert_path) return None, None cert_path, _, fullchain_path = le_client.save_certificate( certr, chain, config.cert_path, config.chain_path, config.fullchain_path) return cert_path, fullchain_path
[docs]def renew_cert(config, plugins, lineage): """Renew & save an existing cert. Do not install it.""" try: # installers are used in auth mode to determine domain names installer, auth = plug_sel.choose_configurator_plugins(config, plugins, "certonly") except errors.PluginSelectionError as e:"Could not choose appropriate plugin: %s", e) raise le_client = _init_le_client(config, auth, installer) _get_and_save_cert(le_client, config, lineage=lineage) notify = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IDisplay).notification if installer is None: notify("new certificate deployed without reload, fullchain is {0}".format( lineage.fullchain), pause=False) else: # In case of a renewal, reload server to pick up new certificate. # In principle we could have a configuration option to inhibit this # from happening. installer.restart() notify("new certificate deployed with reload of {0} server; fullchain is {1}".format( config.installer, lineage.fullchain), pause=False)
[docs]def certonly(config, plugins): """Authenticate & obtain cert, but do not install it. This implements the 'certonly' subcommand.""" # SETUP: Select plugins and construct a client instance try: # installers are used in auth mode to determine domain names installer, auth = plug_sel.choose_configurator_plugins(config, plugins, "certonly") except errors.PluginSelectionError as e:"Could not choose appropriate plugin: %s", e) raise le_client = _init_le_client(config, auth, installer) if config.csr: cert_path, fullchain_path = _csr_get_and_save_cert(config, le_client) _report_new_cert(config, cert_path, fullchain_path) _suggest_donation_if_appropriate(config) return domains, certname = _find_domains_or_certname(config, installer) should_get_cert, lineage = _find_cert(config, domains, certname) if not should_get_cert: notify = zope.component.getUtility(interfaces.IDisplay).notification notify("Certificate not yet due for renewal; no action taken.", pause=False) return lineage = _get_and_save_cert(le_client, config, domains, certname, lineage) cert_path = lineage.cert_path if lineage else None fullchain_path = lineage.fullchain_path if lineage else None key_path = lineage.key_path if lineage else None _report_new_cert(config, cert_path, fullchain_path, key_path) _suggest_donation_if_appropriate(config)
[docs]def renew(config, unused_plugins): """Renew previously-obtained certificates.""" try: renewal.handle_renewal_request(config) finally: hooks.run_saved_post_hooks()
[docs]def make_or_verify_needed_dirs(config): """Create or verify existence of config, work, and hook directories.""" util.set_up_core_dir(config.config_dir, constants.CONFIG_DIRS_MODE, os.geteuid(), config.strict_permissions) util.set_up_core_dir(config.work_dir, constants.CONFIG_DIRS_MODE, os.geteuid(), config.strict_permissions) hook_dirs = (config.renewal_pre_hooks_dir, config.renewal_deploy_hooks_dir, config.renewal_post_hooks_dir,) for hook_dir in hook_dirs: util.make_or_verify_dir(hook_dir, uid=os.geteuid(), strict=config.strict_permissions)
[docs]def set_displayer(config): """Set the displayer""" if config.quiet: config.noninteractive_mode = True displayer = display_util.NoninteractiveDisplay(open(os.devnull, "w")) elif config.noninteractive_mode: displayer = display_util.NoninteractiveDisplay(sys.stdout) else: displayer = display_util.FileDisplay(sys.stdout, config.force_interactive) zope.component.provideUtility(displayer)
[docs]def main(cli_args=sys.argv[1:]): """Command line argument parsing and main script execution.""" log.pre_arg_parse_setup() plugins = plugins_disco.PluginsRegistry.find_all() logger.debug("certbot version: %s", certbot.__version__) # do not log `config`, as it contains sensitive data (e.g. revoke --key)! logger.debug("Arguments: %r", cli_args) logger.debug("Discovered plugins: %r", plugins) # note: arg parser internally handles --help (and exits afterwards) args = cli.prepare_and_parse_args(plugins, cli_args) config = configuration.NamespaceConfig(args) zope.component.provideUtility(config) try: log.post_arg_parse_setup(config) make_or_verify_needed_dirs(config) except errors.Error: # Let plugins_cmd be run as un-privileged user. if config.func != plugins_cmd: raise set_displayer(config) # Reporter report = reporter.Reporter(config) zope.component.provideUtility(report) util.atexit_register(report.print_messages) return config.func(config, plugins)
if __name__ == "__main__": err_string = main() if err_string: logger.warning("Exiting with message %s", err_string) sys.exit(err_string) # pragma: no cover