Source code for certbot.account

"""Creates ACME accounts for server."""
import datetime
import functools
import hashlib
import logging
import shutil
import socket

import josepy as jose
import pyrfc3339
import pytz
import six
import zope.component
from cryptography.hazmat.primitives import serialization

from acme import fields as acme_fields
from acme import messages

from certbot import constants
from certbot import errors
from certbot import interfaces
from certbot import util
from certbot.compat import os

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Account(object): # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods """ACME protocol registration. :ivar .RegistrationResource regr: Registration Resource :ivar .JWK key: Authorized Account Key :ivar .Meta: Account metadata :ivar str id: Globally unique account identifier. """
[docs] class Meta(jose.JSONObjectWithFields): """Account metadata :ivar datetime.datetime creation_dt: Creation date and time (UTC). :ivar str creation_host: FQDN of host, where account has been created. .. note:: ``creation_dt`` and ``creation_host`` are useful in cross-machine migration scenarios. """ creation_dt = acme_fields.RFC3339Field("creation_dt") creation_host = jose.Field("creation_host")
def __init__(self, regr, key, meta=None): self.key = key self.regr = regr self.meta = self.Meta( # pyrfc3339 drops microseconds, make sure __eq__ is sane tz=pytz.UTC).replace(microsecond=0), creation_host=socket.getfqdn()) if meta is None else meta = hashlib.md5( self.key.key.public_key().public_bytes( encoding=serialization.Encoding.PEM, format=serialization.PublicFormat.SubjectPublicKeyInfo) ).hexdigest() # Implementation note: Email? Multiple accounts can have the # same email address. Registration URI? Assigned by the # server, not guaranteed to be stable over time, nor # canonical URI can be generated. ACME protocol doesn't allow # account key (and thus its fingerprint) to be updated... @property def slug(self): """Short account identification string, useful for UI.""" return "{1}@{0} ({2})".format(pyrfc3339.generate( self.meta.creation_dt), self.meta.creation_host,[:4]) def __repr__(self): return "<{0}({1}, {2}, {3})>".format( self.__class__.__name__, self.regr,, self.meta) def __eq__(self, other): return (isinstance(other, self.__class__) and self.key == other.key and self.regr == other.regr and self.meta == other.meta)
[docs]def report_new_account(config): """Informs the user about their new ACME account.""" reporter = zope.component.queryUtility(interfaces.IReporter) if reporter is None: return reporter.add_message( "Your account credentials have been saved in your Certbot " "configuration directory at {0}. You should make a secure backup " "of this folder now. This configuration directory will also " "contain certificates and private keys obtained by Certbot " "so making regular backups of this folder is ideal.".format( config.config_dir), reporter.MEDIUM_PRIORITY)
[docs]class AccountMemoryStorage(interfaces.AccountStorage): """In-memory account storage.""" def __init__(self, initial_accounts=None): self.accounts = initial_accounts if initial_accounts is not None else {}
[docs] def find_all(self): return list(six.itervalues(self.accounts))
[docs] def save(self, account, client): if in self.accounts: logger.debug("Overwriting account: %s", self.accounts[] = account
[docs] def load(self, account_id): try: return self.accounts[account_id] except KeyError: raise errors.AccountNotFound(account_id)
[docs]class RegistrationResourceWithNewAuthzrURI(messages.RegistrationResource): """A backwards-compatible RegistrationResource with a new-authz URI. Hack: Certbot versions pre-0.11.1 expect to load new_authzr_uri as part of the account. Because people sometimes switch between old and new versions, we will continue to write out this field for some time so older clients don't crash in that scenario. """ new_authzr_uri = jose.Field('new_authzr_uri')
[docs]class AccountFileStorage(interfaces.AccountStorage): """Accounts file storage. :ivar .IConfig config: Client configuration """ def __init__(self, config): self.config = config util.make_or_verify_dir(config.accounts_dir, 0o700, self.config.strict_permissions) def _account_dir_path(self, account_id): return self._account_dir_path_for_server_path(account_id, self.config.server_path) def _account_dir_path_for_server_path(self, account_id, server_path): accounts_dir = self.config.accounts_dir_for_server_path(server_path) return os.path.join(accounts_dir, account_id) @classmethod def _regr_path(cls, account_dir_path): return os.path.join(account_dir_path, "regr.json") @classmethod def _key_path(cls, account_dir_path): return os.path.join(account_dir_path, "private_key.json") @classmethod def _metadata_path(cls, account_dir_path): return os.path.join(account_dir_path, "meta.json") def _find_all_for_server_path(self, server_path): accounts_dir = self.config.accounts_dir_for_server_path(server_path) try: candidates = os.listdir(accounts_dir) except OSError: return [] accounts = [] for account_id in candidates: try: accounts.append(self._load_for_server_path(account_id, server_path)) except errors.AccountStorageError: logger.debug("Account loading problem", exc_info=True) if not accounts and server_path in constants.LE_REUSE_SERVERS: # find all for the next link down prev_server_path = constants.LE_REUSE_SERVERS[server_path] prev_accounts = self._find_all_for_server_path(prev_server_path) # if we found something, link to that if prev_accounts: try: self._symlink_to_accounts_dir(prev_server_path, server_path) except OSError: return [] accounts = prev_accounts return accounts
[docs] def find_all(self): return self._find_all_for_server_path(self.config.server_path)
def _symlink_to_account_dir(self, prev_server_path, server_path, account_id): prev_account_dir = self._account_dir_path_for_server_path(account_id, prev_server_path) new_account_dir = self._account_dir_path_for_server_path(account_id, server_path) os.symlink(prev_account_dir, new_account_dir) def _symlink_to_accounts_dir(self, prev_server_path, server_path): accounts_dir = self.config.accounts_dir_for_server_path(server_path) if os.path.islink(accounts_dir): os.unlink(accounts_dir) else: os.rmdir(accounts_dir) prev_account_dir = self.config.accounts_dir_for_server_path(prev_server_path) os.symlink(prev_account_dir, accounts_dir) def _load_for_server_path(self, account_id, server_path): account_dir_path = self._account_dir_path_for_server_path(account_id, server_path) if not os.path.isdir(account_dir_path): # isdir is also true for symlinks if server_path in constants.LE_REUSE_SERVERS: prev_server_path = constants.LE_REUSE_SERVERS[server_path] prev_loaded_account = self._load_for_server_path(account_id, prev_server_path) # we didn't error so we found something, so create a symlink to that accounts_dir = self.config.accounts_dir_for_server_path(server_path) # If accounts_dir isn't empty, make an account specific symlink if os.listdir(accounts_dir): self._symlink_to_account_dir(prev_server_path, server_path, account_id) else: self._symlink_to_accounts_dir(prev_server_path, server_path) return prev_loaded_account else: raise errors.AccountNotFound( "Account at %s does not exist" % account_dir_path) try: with open(self._regr_path(account_dir_path)) as regr_file: regr = messages.RegistrationResource.json_loads( with open(self._key_path(account_dir_path)) as key_file: key = jose.JWK.json_loads( with open(self._metadata_path(account_dir_path)) as metadata_file: meta = Account.Meta.json_loads( except IOError as error: raise errors.AccountStorageError(error) acc = Account(regr, key, meta) if != account_id: raise errors.AccountStorageError( "Account ids mismatch (expected: {0}, found: {1}".format( account_id, return acc
[docs] def load(self, account_id): return self._load_for_server_path(account_id, self.config.server_path)
[docs] def save(self, account, client): self._save(account, client, regr_only=False)
[docs] def save_regr(self, account, acme): """Save the registration resource. :param Account account: account whose regr should be saved """ self._save(account, acme, regr_only=True)
[docs] def delete(self, account_id): """Delete registration info from disk :param account_id: id of account which should be deleted """ account_dir_path = self._account_dir_path(account_id) if not os.path.isdir(account_dir_path): raise errors.AccountNotFound( "Account at %s does not exist" % account_dir_path) # Step 1: Delete account specific links and the directory self._delete_account_dir_for_server_path(account_id, self.config.server_path) # Step 2: Remove any accounts links and directories that are now empty if not os.listdir(self.config.accounts_dir): self._delete_accounts_dir_for_server_path(self.config.server_path)
def _delete_account_dir_for_server_path(self, account_id, server_path): link_func = functools.partial(self._account_dir_path_for_server_path, account_id) nonsymlinked_dir = self._delete_links_and_find_target_dir(server_path, link_func) shutil.rmtree(nonsymlinked_dir) def _delete_accounts_dir_for_server_path(self, server_path): link_func = self.config.accounts_dir_for_server_path nonsymlinked_dir = self._delete_links_and_find_target_dir(server_path, link_func) os.rmdir(nonsymlinked_dir) def _save(self, account, acme, regr_only): account_dir_path = self._account_dir_path( util.make_or_verify_dir(account_dir_path, 0o700, self.config.strict_permissions) try: with open(self._regr_path(account_dir_path), "w") as regr_file: regr = account.regr # If we have a value for new-authz, save it for forwards # compatibility with older versions of Certbot. If we don't # have a value for new-authz, this is an ACMEv2 directory where # an older version of Certbot won't work anyway. if hasattr(, "new-authz"): regr = RegistrationResourceWithNewAuthzrURI(, body={}, uri=regr.uri) else: regr = messages.RegistrationResource( body={}, uri=regr.uri) regr_file.write(regr.json_dumps()) if not regr_only: with util.safe_open(self._key_path(account_dir_path), "w", chmod=0o400) as key_file: key_file.write(account.key.json_dumps()) with open(self._metadata_path( account_dir_path), "w") as metadata_file: metadata_file.write(account.meta.json_dumps()) except IOError as error: raise errors.AccountStorageError(error)